Feel the Burn With Your New Best Friends

Enjoy exhilarating High-intensity Training at our Amarillo, TX gym

Who said working out had to be boring? At Beast Mode Factory, we want you to feel the burn while having a blast. Our High-intensity classes bring people like you together for intense High-intensity training at our Amarillo, TX gym. Together, you and your classmates will sweat it out and accomplish your goals under the direction of our certified personal trainers.

Would you rather work out alone? No worries. We offer one-on-one High-intensity training for those that would like more individualized training. If you're ready to learn more, call us today at 806-678-4908.

What is High-intensity training training?

You've heard of High-intensity training, but what exactly is it? High-intensity training is:

  • A form of high-intensity interval training
  • Strength and conditioning mixed with functional movement
  • Filled with actions you use in day-to-day life
We'll use variations of squats, push-ups and weight lifting to give you a better, fuller workout. Sound interesting? Join our High-intensity training class today.